How to Grow African Violets


Grow African VioletsAfrican violets are one of the most popular indoor blooming plants. They come in various sizes, leaves shapes and flower colors and with careful selection of proper pots and growing medium, African violets can find their place in even the smallest areas.

African violet is not the simplest flower to grow and care about, but after setting things properly and getting used to do what they want, it is a joy not a job :o).

If you are new to African Violets, feel free to check African Violets Quick Tips and Tricks and other articles.

If you follow these steps, you will have great and beautiful African violets. If you miss few of those, there is also great chance of getting nice African violet. But be careful, there is also a chance for some disappointments, usually because of something not so obvious – most often bad light, too much water, dry air, heavy soil ...

you-can-grow-av-mIf you are really interested in African violets, flowers, herbs or plants and gardening in general, Gardening Books can be of great help.

OK, first of all, lets get an African violet.

African Violets come in great number of varieties - here is just a small number of them, just to give you an idea how varied they can be.

Varieties are ordered according to the date added:

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