African Violet Petals


African violet flowers come in many colors and shapes. African violet flower petals can be found in eight basic petal varieties.

african violets petals singleSINGLE

Upper two petals are smaller than bottom three - this is standard shape of African violet petals.

african violets petals semi-doubleSEMI-DOUBLE

There are more than five petals, with yellow center still visible.

african violets petals doubleDOUBLE

There are more than ten petals, with yellow center not visible.

african violets petals frilledFRILLED

Edges of the petals are more or less wavy. Number of petals varies; yellow center in most varieties visible.

african violets petals starSTAR

Five equal sized and evenly spaced petals.


Two or more shades of the same color.

african violets petals multicolorMULTICOLOR

Two or more different colors.

african violets petals genevaGENEVA

White edges of petals. Rarely these edges can be pink or green.

There are many cultivars that have flower petals that are combination of two or more of eight basic petal varieties.