Optimara EverGlory


Size: Standard

Flower: Pink with green frilled edge

Leaves: medium to dark green, wavy; red underside

Photos are with permission from:

- Optimara African Violets

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Note: Optimara EverGlory is part of EverFloris varieties - the development of EverFloris Violets began in 1984, when 25,000 Optimara seeds were launched into space aboard one of NASA's space shuttles.

The program was conceived to test the effect of long-term exposure to cosmic radiation and lack of gravity for 11 months.

Schedules ran late and pushed the satellite retrieval back to 1986. After more delays the Long Duration Exposure Facility (LDEF) was recovered in January 1990 by Space Shuttle Columbia on mission STS-32.

The seeds remained orbiting the Earth for nearly six years.

When the seeds were retrieved and germinated, many mutations soon became apparent - multiflorescence and larger, fuller blooms that flower continuously. Also they grow bigger - as much as 50 percent bigger. To accommodate their larger growing size, EverFloris Violets are cultivated in a 6-inch pot (instead of the standard 4-inch pot).

Optimara Everglory Photo Gallery