Books about African Violets and other Flowers, Herbs and Gardening in General


optimara-everprecious-ssIf you are really interested in African violets, flowers, herbs or plants and gardening in general, maybe You should consider getting some printed books.

These books are not a must have books, but it can be handy to have them around...

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Books - African Violets

The African violet Bible: How to Grow Saintpaulias that Bloom 365 Days a Year

gav bible book

African Violets: The Complete Guide

You Can Grow African Violets

 Books - Flowers, Herbs, Vegetables ... Gardening in General

The Flower Expert
The Rose Expert
The Fruit Expert
The New Vegetable & Herb Expert

Of course, there are many other books that we can recommend, but these few are really one of the best books on the market.

Feel free to follow the links, since there you can find reviews of other people, but also one can preview the content (not all, of course) and see what the books are really about.

Enjoy! :)