Potting African Violets

Potting African violet is an easy task to do. When potting an African violet, you need:

- Watering can

- African violet

- Suitable pot with saucer and pebbles

- Soil

potting african violets

Watering can must have small spout. Since you don't need much water, it is best to fill it with water night before, so that chlorine and fluorine can evaporate and water can reach room temperature. Water droplets should not in any case fall on leaves of African violet.

African violet pot is usually not as deep as regular pot. As with any other flower it is important to have at least one drainage hole. It is recommended that saucer is deeper and roomier than with regular pot.

Good soil is very important. You can buy special soil mix for African violets, which is great. But it is not necessary – you can mix your own special soil by mixing 1/3 of ordinary potting soil, 1/3 peat moss and 1/3 perlite or vermiculite. Actually, too much peat moss can even kill African violet – be careful not to put too much peat moss. If you can find 'ordinary' potting soil that is sterilized, light and airy, it will probably be good for your African violets.

You don't have to fertilize this soil, at least not in the beginning. When you do, use some fertilizer that has balanced content of nutrients such as 10-10-10 or similar with added microelements. Don't use fertilizers with plenty of nitrogen, because it will 'force' violet to grow big, but with only few flowers. If you can find special fertilizer for African violet, it is always a good choice.

potting african violets

If you have small African violet plant in larger pot with other violets (whenever I accidentally break a leaf - I can't throw away it - I put it in the pot with larger African plant – it will probably root), when small leaves starts to grow, repot it.

Using solid knife or even a spoon, dig small plant out, trying to take as much soil as possible.

potting african violets

If you put the plant on paper, plenty of loose soil will fall off. Before digging the plant out, it is good to water the soil, but not much.

potting african violets

Potting is easy, but be careful not to damage the plant. On the bottom of the pot, on each hole put a small pebble, than fill half or so of the pot with soil. Put in your plant, add more soil and press it a little bit with your fingers. If needed, add some soil again and again press it with fingers.

potting african violets

You can water the plant by putting pot in saucer and filling it with water. After hour or so, empty rest of the water from the saucer – plant on the right. Plant on the left is potted directly in the soil, so excess water is needed for growing roots.

potting african violets

Put the plants on shelves or in my case next to the window. Always have in mind needs of African violets regarding light, temperature and humidity. For example, too much water can cause roots to rot, but water helps small plants to grow roots better.


You can use saucer to make nice humid climate for your African violet – put pebbles on bottom of the saucer, put pot on pebbles and add water in saucer, but be careful that water level doesn't reach the pot. Or just use watering can to add some water around the plant – just be careful not to wet the leaves. If you feel necessary, add one or two, depending on the size of the pot, plant food stakes (sticks), or some balanced mineral fertilizer with microelements (or even special fertilizer for African violets).