Repotting African Violets

To have great African violets, you have to take care of proper light, temperature, humidity, soil, pests etc. Also, you have to do many other things to keep your violets happy. One of these things is regular repotting of your African violets.

It is good practice to repot your African violets every 6 - 12 months. In return, African violets will grow and flower stronger and for longer.

repotting african violetsFrom time to time, leaves and flowers will start to die out, and then they will have to be removed. Flowers will dry, but leaves can start to rot – it is time to repot African violets.
repotting african violetsAfrican violets can bloom for up to nine months a year, and then will plant 'take a break' for few months. When you notice that, remove dried leaves and flowers, check that there are no aphids on the leaves (very small white bugs – can be removed one by one – very time consuming, but you won't use any chemicals).
repotting african violetsRemove upper 2-3 cm (1") of soil, trying not to damage the roots. Add some mineral fertilizer with NPK content of 12-12-12 (or similar) with microelements. Best is of course special fertilizer for African violets, but it tend to be more expensive – if you have several different plants, having special fertilizer for each of them will require more space – and will give you best possible results. Any choice is individual.
repotting african violetsAdd some new soil to the pot and water the plants. Use watering can with narrow spout, so that water can be added to the soil, avoiding wetting the leaves.
repotting african violetsPut the pot back – if you have round pots, try to rotate pot every week for 90°. It will help African violets grow symmetrical. If you have squared pots like I, than rotate them every week or two.
Leaves should not touch the window glass or curtains.