African Violet Watering


small-spout-water-canWater is one of the most important substances needed for proper growth and blooming of African violets. Without water, African violets, like all other plants, will eventually die. Too much water, on the other hand can kill your African violets.

Generally, watering of African violets can be done on weekly basis. There are two ways of watering technique:

- using watering can with narrow spout, you water directly soil, keeping in mind that water can damage leaves. If some water ends up on leaves, dry leaves using soft cloth. If droplets are small enough that they are 'sitting' on African violets' leaf hairs, than those droplets can be left there. But, avoid getting African violets leaves getting wet.

- immerse African violet pot in water and keep it there for about an hour. After that, let all excess water drain out of plant's pot. Water draining out of pot will pull fresh air into the soil which is good for root system health - any leftover water can make roots rot. Always use proper pots suitable for African violets that have enough holes on the bottom of the pots to allows proper drainage.

Whenever watering, use water that is at room temperature, preferably day old, so that chlorine and fluorine can evaporate - African violets don't like tap water straight from the tap too much.


African Violet Humidity


Right humidity of the air around African violets is almost as important as proper watering.

There are basically two ways in obtaining proper humidity around African violets plants:

- keep small pot filled with water near your African violets. Evaporating water will keep humidity at right levels and keep African violets happy.

- similar as first system - put stone pebbles on the bottom of African violet pot saucer and put African violet pot on these pebbles. Than fill saucer with water, but be sure that water level is bellow lowest part of African violet pot. This way, there will be no excess water in the pot, and evaporating water from saucer will keep African violets humid.